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Libby Ferris Flowers has said how much they love using our top quality peonies which are both English and  locally grown and look forward to them every year for use in the shop but especially for weddings

The Peonies were absolutely wonderful. They smelt gorgeous and lasted for ages! 

Mrs D.  

I received the flowers this morning and they are fabulous, stunning, it is my birthday and I just wanted to receive top quality peonies

Lesley, Ireland 


I wanted something special for our wedding celebration, the venue was a beautiful medieval church and garden and we wanted gorgeous English summer flowers. English Peonies were brilliant, and the flowers were superb.'

'We have seasonal flowers in our office all year and can't wait until the peonies arrive in June, people always comment on how fantastic they look when they visit'.....

mcarthur tring architects

Many thanks for the wonderful flowers

Joanna, London

A big thank you for those lovely peonies, they were beautiful. We had at the entrance to the marquee, they lasted for ages and I was quite loath to part to part with them... 

Margaret de F. 

We've used English peonies for years for our arrangements at the Norfolk Show and they have been a real winner, not only do they look lovely, the quality is superb too. We can't wait until it's peony season again !

Eleanor,  award winning florist


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